Prof. Abdulla Yousif Al Hawaj

Board Chairman

The industry of knowledge

When we thought about owning Bahrain institute of technology (BIT) to join the family of Al Ahilia University, we thought of two things, whether the institute would be managed separately and academically distinguished, or whether it would play as a bridge to our parent foundation, and a passkey for our university students and institute recruits.

Regardless of the nature of the management and internal structure, we have selected all our choices and the institute is now, including all it’s tools and management fully belongs to the Ahlia university.

Yet, the question remains! Why did we consider owning this promising institute? What visual foundation did we base our hopes and ambitions on? Moreover, what academic foundation can we build a project on without reinventing the wheel?

Our decision to own the institute is based on our complete faith in the importance of working towards bridging the gap between the skills and requirements between the education industry and the mechanical and work industry. To bridge the gap of the work environment’s requirements and collage education. where the sector of higher education is getting support and attention from our wise leadership, as they are aware of the role it plays to grow each and every part of our kingdom, and it being an essential factor of our economic vision of 2030.

As we approach our second year, the institute has trained over 22 thousand since founding in 2001. Where the majority of Bahrainis, approximately 12,180 have been trained through one of the most important patriotic programmes (Qudurat) which included the recruitment of basic computer applications and the usage of the electronic government.

It is said that the way to a one thousand mile journey starts with a single step, luckily, we at Bahrain Institute of Technology have been a long way since we started by excelling in our path.